We have been really touched by all the offers of help we’ve had in our villages. Thank you.

This means we have been able to put together a network of people offering to help those who are stuck inside, or can’t get the things they need. If you would like to be part of that, please let us know.

If you are staying in, stuck in or self isolating and would like to stay in touch by phone, perhaps just for a chat. Or perhaps you need to get some shopping in? Please let us know and we’ll put the word out.

We’ve set up a Grundisburgh & Distict Good Neighbours Facebook Group for helpers to be part of and if you need help it’s the place to post a request. Please do join if you can.

We also have some other ideas to making sure there is enough food in the villages and hope to announce things soon. (Watch this space)

45 thoughts on “Staying In? Stuck In? Isolating?

  1. Hello
    I live on Gurdon Road in grundisburgh and I work in Woodbridge (until the school is told to close!). I’m happy to do shopping for people who need the help and/or ring to check on people.
    Rachel Green


  2. Hi I’m also on Gurdon Road and am available every afternoon if anyone would like shopping/housework done etc.
    Victoria Cox


  3. Hi Mark
    Archie Adams here, Gurdon Road.
    Thanks for initiating this – happy to be added to the list of helpers for whatever is needed.


  4. Hi. Phil Lake here, on Rose Hill. Let me know if you need help. I’m around only part of the week, but can run some errands at weekends if needed…


  5. I live on my own in Gurdon Road and may need some help with shopping once we are having to self isolate. I would be so grateful to have someone to ask.
    Thanks everyone for offering. Jill


  6. Hi Mark
    I can do phone calls and shopping if needed. I’m in Grundisburgh, but could also drive to other local villages.


  7. I lived in Gurdon Road but relocated to Woodbridge in July last year. At 88 it is so heartening to see so many offers of help – truly Love your neighbor as yourself
    Sheila Snelling

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  8. Hi Mark, David and I are in Drabbs Lane and very happy to help with shopping etc. Thank you for organising this.


  9. Hi Mark

    As mentioned I’m happy for a chat. If you could give Jill Ager my number I can add her shopping to my delivery – isolated together. Pete can drop round.
    Thx Elaine


    1. Hi Elaine
      Thanks so much for your offer. I seem to be managing shopping at the moment except I might need someone to get cat food. Not desperate at the moment as I have enough for a couple of weeks. Jill
      Sorry only just seen this posting.


  10. Hi Mark, I let Clare know I’m happy to go on the list and am currently working from home. I’m on day 9 of 14 days self isolation – not ill, just a precaution- so am free from next week. In Gurdon Road.


    1. Hi Mark
      There are a number of people in Hasketon, as I am sure you know, who are offering to do shopping etc. Since I am not able to go out I am trying to keep in touch with some of those who have no internet and will feel very cut off. I am printing the Mini Grapevine and sending it to Gill haywood Smith via our carer and it occurred to me that this is a task which others who are confined to barracks could offer provided they have a willing courier.. Those of us who are over 90 want to stay in touch with the worship as well as the gossip.

      Molly Smith

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