We have received the long-awaited faculty (official permission to build) from the chancellor allowing us to proceed with the building of the church toilets. Now we have permission to start Hoggs have been appointed as our preferred contractor to carry out the work.

Hoggs were chosen as they specialise in church work, their quotation was the lowest and they had previously worked for us in relocating the font.

Work will start in mid-June and is due to be completed mid-November. During this time there will inevitably be noise and disruption as work proceeds at the rear of the church. The old boiler house will be demolished and the redundant concrete chimney which has stood unused for many years will be taken down. Once the area is clear building of the toilets can start. The working area will be secularly fenced to meet Health and Safety Regs. the builders site huts welfare facilities etc will be located close to the working area. The contractor has been asked not to park in the drift way so that access to the School Houses is kept clear.

Work within the church will take place towards the end of the project, two pews will need to be removed and the closed north door will be reopened, the new boiler will be connected to the existing heating pipe work. To keep disruption, dust etc to the inside of the church to a minimum while this work is going on a temporary enclosure will be built over the working area.

To monitor progress, site meetings will be held at regular intervals, these will be attended by Hoggs site manager, Tim Buxbaum our architect and representatives of the committee. To keep everyone informed details of these meetings will be circulated.

P.E. Brunning 20/05/201

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