Bishop’s Lent Appeal

An opportunity to support our brothers and sisters in Tanzania.

Please join us for our 11am Service on Sunday 3rd March in Grundisburgh to support Kagera Diocese.

This year St Edmundsbury and Ipswich celebrates 25 years of working together with Kagera Diocese. Through the link we:

  • develop friendships and understanding of each other’s lives and experiences.
  • grow in faith as we learn from one another.
  • share our resources because of our friendship.
  • pray for each other.

Kagera, in northwest Tanzania, is a beautiful region, mostly of steeply hilled savannah country. However it is poor and remote. Its 1 million people typically live on less than £1 a day, mostly through subsistence farming. Malaria and HIV/Aids are major problems. Parts of Kagera have some of the highest under-five mortality rates in the country. Lack of education and low capital investment in the area has led to a perception of poverty being the norm and to dependency on external aid.

The Bishop’s’ Lent appeal this year will support our brothers and sisters in Kagera with education in its many forms to enable them to raise their people out of a mindset of dependency to self sufficiency. The funds raised will support priests, subsistence farmers and young people, and empower them to build a more hopeful future. The vision of Kagera Diocese is ‘Life in its fullness’ (John 10:10) and through the link we can help them achieve it.

  • Help young people build a better future
  • Help farmers survive climate change
  • Help priests lead their people out of poverty

“Together we can make a huge and lasting impact on the quality of lives of some of our poorest brothers and sisters in Christ – let’s take the opportunity and regard it as a privilege to do so!”

A message from Bishop Mike

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