Grundisburgh: Archaeological  Excavation

Archaeological  Excavation – At  St. Mary’s, Grundisburgh

On the 12th Nov. Suffolk Archaeology will be starting an archaeological excavation of the site of the proposed


toilets at the rear of the church. This will cover the area or foot print of the toilets, approximately 23 square metres, and require soil to be removed to a depth of 1.2 metres.

The purpose of the dig is to reveal evidence of any burials that have taken place in the area in the past plus and any items of interest such as pottery.

We are anticipating that a large number of burials will be revealed. The church is in the area of a Saxon settlement and it is possible that burials have taken place in the area since 13th century.

Any remains found will be recorded in situ and any human bones removed from the site for forensic analysis. After being, checked and recorded, will be returned to St. Mary’s for re internment.

We have no control over this archaeological process, it is a legal requirement and part of the planning process. We do however have to bear the considerable cost of the work.

It is anticipated that the work will take four weeks. While the working is going on for safety reasons the area will be fenced off but there will be opportunities to view the work in progress.

P.E. Brunning 18/10/2018

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